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    Default schedule taks goes infinite

    log verbose append:SchedLgU%date%.txt
    load "e:\FS2\Test" "d:\FS\Test"
    expand all
    select left.newer.files left.orphan.files
    copy left->right
    select right.newer.files right.orphan.files
    copy right->left
    i have saved this as sync_temp.txt

    have created a batchfile to execute above

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 2\bc2.exe" "@sync_fs.txt" /slient /fv="Folder Sync" /closescript

    named C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 2\sync.bat

    this runs perfectly fine from the command line , but when i create a scheduletask executing sync.bat the scheduletask does not end and infinitely shows running..

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    I would suggest removing /silent for any troubleshooting, as it would suppress any dialogs or information.

    Is there any information in your schedlgu.txt log? Are you using the latest BC 2.5.3? All 2.x updates are free for 2.x users.

    Also, you can remove /fv="Folder Sync" and /closescript. Once you add /silent back in, it wouldn't need to close, and script does not need /fv

    Is the Scheduled Task configured to run as the same Windows User account? It would need to be the same user to have the same settings. It may also help to create a Portable Install of BC2 for scripted runs in C:\Tools\Beyond Compare 2\bc2.exe:
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