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    Default Error configuring Visual Studio 2015 and TFS for BC4 integration

    I've used BC for years with Visual Studio and TFS. I know all about the configuration command lines.

    However, I recently installed VS2015 (Community Edition, if that matters). Configuring the compare worked fine, but when I configure the merge, I get the error:
    "TF10098: Compare arguments cannot contain %3".

    I've done a pretty thorough search of both the Scooter forums and the web, and can't find any info on this error.


    Erik Sawyer
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    Did you configure the Merge following the steps outlined here?

    It looks like your 'merge' might be configured as a 'compare'. Did you check the merge option to mark it as a mergetool? The above error is a Visual Studio error if you attempt to use %3 during a difftool definition.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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