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    Question Always include hidden files


    I'm looking for a way to always show hidden files in the folder compare view. It seems to me to be a bit hit and miss whether they show up. They seem to appear when there are other normal files in the folder; but don't show up if the folder contains only hidden files.

    Also, I can copy files from side to side in the folder view, and select Include Hidden Items; but I can't do that with Update - it won't let me choose hidden files.

    Is there a way to force hidden files to always be shown, and for hidden files to be copied/updated when using Update?

    Thanks very much

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    This depends on which OS you are running, which version of Beyond Compare (BC3?), and which type of location you are loading (local drive or remote locations).

    The quick answer is we have a Suppress Filters command. Assuming the default filters are sometimes removing items, you can Suppress all filters to see if any items then show in a teal color. These are items a Display Filter, File Name Filter, or Other Filter are currently set to hide. If this occurs, we can then go find which filters are currently enabled and disable them.

    In BC3, we have one filter you can remove from the factory defaults. On the Home screen, in the Saved sessions list, expand the Edit session defaults folder and select Folder Compare. Go to the Other Filters tab: DOS Attributes, and disable "Exclude protected operating system files".
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