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    Default is there a way how to save my merging progress?

    is there a way how to save my merging progress?
    I was in a process of merging files (3-way with output to separate file) when BC4 pro crashed. I had created and saved session, but it seems like "session" means just which files are merged, but no progress is saved. I tried to load that saved session, but Text Merge Output was created as a new. In the end, I had to create a new output and continue with merging and then replace the second part of the first output file with the latter merge output (done before crash)..

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    Unfortunately, not as a saved session. If you Save your Output, you can use the Output as a new version of "Yours" as an input/top pane, which would help resume the merge. However, the Output pane is always freshly recalculated when loading the merge session. And you are correct: the session saves the file paths for future use, but each session load works like a bookmark and gets the current/new versions of the files on load. Sessions are saved for any session type (Folder Compare, Merge, MP3 Compare, etc), and loading a session is a quick method to recompare folders/files using a set of saved criteria.
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