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    Default Collapse/Expand Selected Range of Folders

    I am often comparing various folder structures, especially when restoring from backup and such. So, my default "Session Settings" (under the "Handling" tab) has the "Expand subfolders when loading session" and "Only expand subfolders with differences" options checked.

    However, there will sometimes be a ton of files that I am not interested in, but that take up a lot of visual space when expanded. No matter the reason, I ultimately often find a lot of the directory structure "in my way" and wish their was a way to collapse the selected files and folders to minimize the things in my view.

    Could you please give us the following options:

    1. Collapse selected folders/files
    2. Expand selected folders/files (in case we want to expand only a specified section of file/folders)
    3. Collapse from here Up
    4. Collapse from here Down
    5. Collapse everything other than selected files/folders
    6. Expand everything other than selected files/folders

    You give us the "Expand All" and "Collapse All" options. You might be able to implement what I am asking by changing their meaning "if a range is selected" and add an icon or 2.

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    Expand All and Collapse All are main buttons in our toolbar, but we have Open Subfolders, Open (same as double click) and Close in our right click context menu, which works on the selection.

    We don't have the From Here Up/Down, but you could perform a Shift+Click select up or down to select half up or down. Edit -> Invert Selection which can select the opposite of the current selection (for "everything else").

    Does this help get you up and running? Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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