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    I am quiet new to BC.
    Is it poissible to write a script that compares XML files. I have an Folder with nearly 100 XML files and a list with the pairs of XML files I hvae to copare.
    Is that possible and if it poiisble how it is possible?


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    Yes, although all scripting mirrors actions you take in the interface. It is best to test your workflow in the interface first, and once that is working as you expect we can then help with the script necessary to repeat those steps in an automated script.

    If you load our Folder Compare session with two folders, side by side, we'll align all files in the same folder structure and file name. The Folder Compare can be set to run a Rules-based scan in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab. Leave Timestamp, Size, and Override enabled. Also enable Rules-based content scanning.

    This will scan the folder. You can double click any aligned pair of XML files to review the comparison. We can then generate a report that is a list of file names (Folder Compare Report) or the differences within files (File Compare Report). Which style would you prefer?
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