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    Default Why does it compare *after* I open files?

    New user here.

    When I compare two folders, it shows some files in red color on right column.

    When I double clicked on one file in RHS, it shows the comparison with collreponsing file in left coulmn. There were a few differences in these two files (shell scripts, *.sh). All fine!

    But for another file, which was shown in red color, I doubliclicked, there were *no differences*! Why did it show in red color then?

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    The default Folder Compare scan is for timestamp and size, and any difference with these two values will mark the files as different. Double clicking runs a Rules-based scan, which compares the text values within the file (and ignores some differences, like line break characters that are Linux on one side but Windows on the other); these results are then brought back up to the parent Folder Compare and populate the center column between files.

    The Folder Compare can be configured to run a Rules-based scan on all files, or you can review why your files returned equal even though the timestamp or size is different using the Text Compare's View menu -> Whitespace and other tools.

    We have more information in this KB article:

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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