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    Default 3-way merge with TortoiseGit

    I've followed the instructions for setting up my BC4 Pro 3-way merge on TortoiseGit, and it works great. My question is: Is there a way to automatically set the status of the merge to "Resolved" after I save the file and exit? The default application "TortoiseGitMerge" has a button that lets you set it to resolved which seems to be the quickest work flow. Using Beyond Compare I resolve conflicts, save the merged file and then when I exit the TortoiseGit dialog says it is still Conflicted and I have to right click on it and go to "Resolved", and then click "OK" to a message box that asks if I'm sure I want to do that. Is there currently a method to avoid that and just have it resolved when I exit?

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    I looked over TortoiseGit's documentation, it doesn't look like it's possible to mark the resolved status when you save a file and exit Beyond Compare.
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