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    Exclamation Why Help Menu's dosent work in Rhel 7.1

    I have installed the package BC 4.1.3 on RHEL 7.1 from the official Site of scooter-software but the Help menu Tab contents such as ( Contents, Context Sensitive help and Scooter Software on the Web ) doesn't show anything or doesn't lead to any files or browser.
    What could be the reason for that.
    Could you please suggest a solution for it
    I guess it should be due to some package missing. I have tried in a fresh Rhel7.1 machine and faced the issues
    But it works well in Rhel7.2 which is unbelievable .

    Abdul Naseer.

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    To confirm, would you be using 7.1 64bit, and did you use the Setup64bit.rpm installer? After after navigating to BC4's Options dialog and enabling the context menu, you restart (or log off/on) the machine? In office, we more often test with Centos, but I can try to create an evaluation machine with more details.

    Newer versions of an OS often fix bugs, so it is not unbelievable that 7.2 fixed a bug with how we (and other programs) were expecting the context menu to function. We have seen a variety of issues on various OS's and versions, and have a KB article on it here:
    We often see each OS version either fix or break things.

    This includes manual install instructions and a GitHub repository where tweaks can be made for OS/Version specific workarounds.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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