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    Default 2 CSV files, output to 3rd.

    Good morning, Im trying to clean a single column list, one is a totals list of 7k or so rows, the other 2.5k rows, what im trying to do is compare the values from one csv to the other remove matching rows from csv 2 based on values found in csv 1, output to csv 3, I do own the pro version.

    Any tips?
    Been a long night trying to figure it out but not getting anywhere.


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    To remove matching rows on one side, you could switch the Display Filter to Show Same, then Select All rows on one side and Delete them.

    This assumes your Key is setup correctly so that rows are aligning correctly. Is your Key column 1 (the default) or do you need to right-click and set other columns as the Key?

    To save the 3rd csv, you can use the File menu -> Save As to save a new version of the file, or you can Select All rows, then use Copy and Paste into a new, blank Excel.
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