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    Default XML comparison

    I am working with Microsoft CRM. When we are promoting code from development to production, CRM allows you to export the configuration as an XML file. When we compare one version against the next, sometimes the files do not match up because CRM does not always produce the XML in the same order. It would be nice to have a feature in the comparison rules to sort the XML content so that it would look the same to the comparison engine.

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    Our default XML comparison compares the nodes in the order they are within the file. We also have additional downloads which can tidy or sort the XML structure, available for download here:

    Please note that if you make any edits and save the file, it will save in the new, sorted order. You can also control which method is used automatically for XML files in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog. The topmost format is the one used automatically; you can move the other *.xml formats lower in the list using the yellow arrow buttons to control which is the default. Red text would indicate that there is a format higher in the list with *.xml, overriding the red format.
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