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    Default No providers detected when trying to integrate with ClearCase


    I just upgraded to the Pro version of BC4, and I can't get it to detect ClearCase. I've pointed it to M:\ (root location for all views), M:\my_view (the base of one of my views) and to M:\my_view\project_vob\ (one of the VOBs mounted in the view), but BC can't detect CC at any of these locations. Is there something else I need to do first?

    I've had C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase\lib\mgrs\map set up to do diffs for ages (and merges as of a week ago).


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    Beyond Compare's Source Control Integration uses the SCC API, which not all providers support equally.

    Clearcase has disabled their support of it, but you can manually re-enable it with a registry edit. If you have any trouble, it may be specific to your version of Clearcase, and you'll want to contact their support to see if it supports the SCC API.

    Here is one of their KB articles that goes into more detail:
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