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    Default MKS Source - Return value of thrid party program is unknown

    Hi there,

    we use MKS Source for version control, and I recently introduced Beyond Compare as a Diff/Merge tool (it's gloriously awesome), following the example at

    One caveat though; whenever I close BC after a merge, MKS tells me that "The return value of the third party tool is unknown. Do you want to consider the merge successful?", which is quite annoying.

    Whats happening here? Does BC not return meaningful values upon exit? Or does MKS just not understand what was returned?

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    Our return values are listed in the Help file, Command Line Reference chapter, at the bottom. A successful merge should be a "0". Do you know if your version of MKS expects a different value? Or we can try to capture the value we are passing, using a wrapper .bat file and echo, or use Process Explorer.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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