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    Default Ignore Line acording to search string


    We are using BC4, in a cmd script.
    We need to compare pdf files, but if a specific string found in the line we want to ignore the whole line.
    Help someone?


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    We have a KB article that would be helpful, here:

    You can define a Basic grammar to match on the specific string and surrounding text using a regular expressions. For example, if the text to find and then ignore the whole line is "text":

    Then in the Text Compare's Session Settings, you would go to the Importance tab and find your Grammar element name and uncheck it. Unchecked items are Unimportant.
    You can also update the Session defaults at the bottom of this dialog to use these settings for future sessions. Switch from "Use only for this view" to "Also update session defaults" at the bottom of the Session Settings dialog.

    The included video in the above link should also be helpful. BC3's steps are very similar to BC4's configuration. We also have a few BC4 specific videos here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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