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    Default Prettify code before compare for formats like css js and html.

    Sorry if a duplicate but my search didn't return anything.

    Any way to format files with plugins like CSSTidy or JS-beautify to take care of mostly meaningless differences between the files?

    I do this manually now and it costs a fair amount of time.

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    Yes, although we only have a few specific for download. You can find the Tidy variants we host here:

    And we have a KB article for how to define and use any custom command line conversion utility, add it to a File Format, and it will be used automatically whenever you open files with that file format:
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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    I've made a new file format to accomplish that. It calls an external batch file that runs the python jsbeautify code.

    1. Download, pip install, or clone the jsbeautify source code from here:

    2. Install python if you haven't already

    3. Create a new batch file in the Helpers folder (for me on Windows it is in my user folder under AppData\Roaming\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 4), I called mine jsbeautify.bat

    4. Put the following code into that batch file:
    python C:\yourpath\js-beautify\python\js-beautify -i < %1 > %2

    This will run python on the js-beautify script using the source file as stdin and saving to the target file.

    5. Open Beyond Compare and make a new File Format ("JSBeautify") or copy an existing one which does the following Conversion:
    External program (ANSI)
    Helpers\jsbeautify.bat %s %t

    Make sure it is associated with .js files, and is at the top of your list if you want to override any existing JavaScript file format(s).

    Hope that helps.

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