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    Question Line Filter

    We have a bunch of files that need to match except for certain lines. Each line that doesn't need to match contains the text. I would simply like to exclude those findings but the filters seem to only apply to file name content not line content.

    How would I exclude certain findings that contain a particular phrase?

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    You would define the change you want to ignore as Unimportant text. This can be done as a session setting, or creating a new Grammar element, then marking that element as Unimportant for that session. We have a video guide and KB article here:

    Once defined and Unimportant, the text difference will appear as Blue. You can then enable the Ignore Unimportant Differences toggle to set Blue -> Black. Now, if you only Show Differences, the black text (ignored or equal) is removed from view, or otherwise treated as if it were equal.
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