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    Default Comparing 7z file to folder

    Our web developers put our new web code on their server as a 7 Zip file, which in the past, we've been able to right-click on the 7z file, "Select Left Folder for Compare", then right-click on the web folder, "Compare to "folder.7z"".

    Over the weekend, they migrated us to new VMWare hardware and it is not working correctly. It was supposed to bring over all our settings, but something isn't right. When BC3 opens, the contents of the 7z file show up as gibberish.

    I've applied the latest update for BC3. I've reinstalled 7 Zip...still the same issue.

    I have, in the Folder Compare default settings to Compare contents: CRC comparison (tried also unchecked), and to handle Archives as folders always.

    Feels like I'm missing a setting from the old server, but I can't figure it out. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    If you go to the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Folder Views section, 7-zip should be in the Archive Associations list with the proper file masks. If not, I would suggest backing up your current settings (Tools menu -> Export wizard), then come back to the Options dialog, Folder Views section, and click Factory Defaults.

    After any change to this section requires a restart to the application, so you will need to fully close the application. Restarting the computer would be a good troubleshooting step if you are still running into any trouble.
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