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    Default Compare file name substrings?

    Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to compare file name sub strings?

    For example, our comparisons will be dealing with substring "rules", like revision numbers and files being archived. Some examples might be as follows:

    I will display the "Filenames"(and content as such)

    1) 1234567#A(x) and 1234567#A(x) - these files are the same

    2) 1234567#A(x) and 1234567#B(x) - these files have different names, but contain the same information, and are therefore the same.

    3) 1234567#A(x) and 1234567#A(y) - these files have the same names, but contain different information, and are therefore different

    4) 1234567#A(x) and 1234567#B(y) - these files have different names, but contain different information, and are therefore different

    As it is, case 1 and 3 will be compared normally, as they have the same file name, but case 2 and 4 will not be compared, because the filenames are different.

    Is there a way I can compare only the first part of the filename (in this case, the first 7 characters) and ignore the extension?

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    Not quite. We do have a Pro feature called Alignment Overrides, which you can define as part of the Folder Compare Session Settings, Misc tab. This rule can define the different part of file names, instead of your example of the same part. For example:
    *A(X) = *B(X)
    Which would then align any files with this change in the name, assuming the beginning of the file name matches. Alignment Overrides do not currently support defining the matching section, but this is on our wishlist. Our trial is fully featured so you can test our current capabilities to make sure they meet your needs before any purchase is necessary, and let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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