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    Default Unable to get result from AutoIt tool

    Good day,

    I am trying to compare reports using AutoIt tool and while I can get results by using DOS this below does not work. I have added BeyondCompare path to PATH, so we are good there. What the issue can be?

    Local $iRc = _RunDos("Bcompare.exe @""C:\Users\Carlos\Desktop\MCAP_test_auto\autoit\c f_script.txt"" ""C:\Users\Carlos\Desktop\MCAP_test_auto\autoit\su bser1_1.txt"" ""C:\Users\Carlos\Desktop\MCAP_test_auto\autoit\su bser1_2.txt"" ""C:\Users\Carlos\Desktop\MCAP_test_auto\autoit\cf _report.txt""")

    When I tried this below in DOS, it works:

    Bcompare.exe @"C:\Users\Carlos\Desktop\MCAP_test_auto\autoit\cf _script.txt" "C:\Users\Carlos\Desktop\MCAP_test_auto\autoit\sub ser1_1.txt" "C:\Users\Carlos\Desktop\MCAP_test_auto\autoit\sub ser1_2.txt" "C:\Users\Carlos\Desktop\MCAP_test_auto\autoit\cf_ report.txt"

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    The quotes may be interpreted differently in AutoIt. The first thing I would try is move the @ into the quote area with the script path:
    "@c:\users\carlos\desktop\mcap_test_auto\autoi t\c f_script.txt"

    I would also recommend starting with a simple script that does not include any parameters; just bcompare and @script.txt. This way it is easier to troubleshoot the quotes and not accidentally have any typos that might cause issue.
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