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    Default Question re: Folder Compare

    I am trying to compare to folders to detect any unwarranted differences.
    To find the Next or Previous difference, I have to go to: Search -> Next Difference (Ctrl+N) or Search -> Previous Difference (Ctrl+P).
    Is there a way to have these icons appear on the Toolbar line, similar to when doing a Text compare of files??
    Murray Sobol

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    We don't have Previous and Next Difference buttons on the toolbar of the Folder Compare by default, but you can add them. This is done on the Tools menu -> Options dialog, in the Toolbars/Etc section. Use the dropdown and select Folder Compare. Then search for Next or Prev, and check the toolbar box for these commands, which should add Yellow Arrows to the toolbar.

    You can also use the Display Filters on the left side of the toolbar, or in the View menu, to limit the view to only Differences or specific type of Differences. You would then be able to scroll, and wouldn't need to hop over equal files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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