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    If you look at the data hex print, it is usrfields.ini and the first/seconds lines are [#0]/name=album...

    Then look at the two screen shots; they are columns.ini and the first/second lines are [#0]/width=46...

    This is why I said example (meaning post) shows mixed (two different) files, usrfields.ini and columns.ini.

    The single e-mail I sent was columns.ini. It has many more lines than usrfields.ini, so I said it was the larger file (than the usrfields.ini file).

    I hoped that a quick inspection of the UTF-8 header shown in the hex data print would be enough for the programmer to see how the "[#0]" characters were being corrupted into "-[#0]".

    To create another file to compare with the columns.ini I sent you, just copy it and swap the [#0] and [#1] section headers (leaving the section's data intact) in the copied file. In other words, on line 1 change [#0] to [#1], then scroll down a few lines and change [#1] to [#0] so the the section headers remain unique.

    I sent you a second e-mail with my

    ... That e-mail also includes a report about another different problem where a folder move also triggered a compare involving the same folder, and since files were being moved underneath the compare, it got un-accessable file messages. (The compare should not have ever been started.)
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    Using your settings and Columns.ini, I am not seeing the distorted - inserted when sorting. If you redownload your columns.ini from your Email's Sent box, and attempt to open it on your Desktop\, switching between Everything Else and INI Sorted, do you see the issue?

    One factor might be, your only includes the general INI Sorted format settings but not the conversion program. You would have to use the Tools menu -> Export to send us the INI Sorted format in its entirety. The INI Sorted version I have is the one available on our website, freshly downloaded for testing.
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