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    Default TortoiseSVN not recognizing Merge result

    Since one or two BC4 updates ago, TortoiseSVN on Windows stopped recognizing the merge output when resolving an Update conflict.

    Previous BC4 versions worked just fine. I guess something changed, nor do I know how TortoiseSVN detetcs the newer merged output.

    For the moment, I have to save the merge output as normal, then on Tortoise right-click on Mark As Resolved; previously I didn't need to do this.

    Thanks, have a nice day,

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    Thanks for posting. BC4 does not intentionally support marking as resolved automatically, in 4.0.0 or later versions, but is something we can look into. Were you using the workaround found in this forum thread?

    How do you currently have TortoiseSVN configured to use BC4 as the difftool and mergetool?
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