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    Default "Find in Files" how?

    In BC4 how do I search for text located in multiple files?

    In the help file, there is a page that describes how to locate text in files, but I do not see that menu item "Find in Files":

    Finding Text in Files
    Search > Find in Files
    To locate specific text in multiple files, pick Search > Find in Files .

    All I can seem to do is find filenames: Menu/Search, all I see is Next/Prev Difference, Find [Next/Prev] Filename. I can find text inside a single file I am viewing, but I want to find text in multiple files.


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    The Find In Files command is an action available in the Tools menu -> Text Edit tool's Search menu.

    From the Folder Compare, you can set a filter to limit the view to files with specific text using the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Other Filters tab, add New (+), then use "Containing" or "Not Containing"
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