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    Default Using alignment override

    I know that the key to my problem is the "alignment override" feature. Unfortunately I dont know how to use it in my case. All forum posts I have found are about more complex problem than mine and I am unable to adapt is successfully to my case.

    On the left side I have files of type .abc and on the right side of type .xyz. The filenames are exactly the same, it's just a different extension. How to configure "alignment override" in this case?


    (I use Beyond Compare Pro Edition for OS X Version 4.0.4 (build 19477))

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    With Regular Expression Disabled (not needed)

    Should be able to perform this extension match, as long as the name is an exact match. Please note that the Override is directional, so you might need both:
    *.xyz = *.abc
    if it can go in either direction.
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