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    Default How to configure Beyond Compare to consider two different strings to be the same

    Sounds easy enough

    I in one directory I have a set of files that use 1 name for an item
    and in the the other compared director we are using a new name for that item

    so string say <non alphanumeric>ABCD<non alphanumeric>
    is being replaced by <non alphanumeric>XY<non alphanumeric>

    it could appear anywhere in the line.

    The actual is a change in class name in C# code
    This should be easy but I cannot get it!


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    Do you have BC4 Pro? With Pro we have an easy method called Text Replacements. To activate:
    Load your folder compare, load your two folders, and then use the Session menu -> Save Session.
    Next, double click on one pair of files that will have the change needed. In the child Text Compare, go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Replacements tab and create a new replacement rule of ABCD = XY, and at the bottom of the Session Settings change the dropdown from "Use only for this view" to "Use for all files in parent session".

    Close the child Text Compare and re-save the parent folder compare. Now, if you perform a Rules-based scan (which, can be set automatically in the Session Settings, Comparison tab, leave Timestamp, Size, Override enabled, and also enable Rules-based), it will use the saved child session settings.
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