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    Question Beyond Compare Protocol Handler

    I can't seem to find this, but it might be a useful addition to Beyond Compare. Is there a way to launch Beyond Compare from a protocol handler natively without creating one myself? For example, the 'mailto://' protocol handler opens your default email client and can pass query parameters to populate fields. The only way I know currently to have a user's local copy of Beyond Compare to open to a pre-set grouping of files is to have them download a .bat file that calls on the existing CLI interface. This isn't ideal as there is the middle group of the .bat file.

    Ideally there would be something like a 'beyondcompare://' protocol handler that would allow the same query parameters that the CLI currently handles which would allow posing a link on a page that opens the files of interest locally without the .bat middle man.

    Is this something worth adding to as a new feature? The CLI and scripting is great in Beyond Compare, but there isn't a way to load something from an intranet page easily. Thanks.

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    We don't have a method to launch this way, but if your security protocols allow it, you could use something similar to:
    Found here:
    It appears this is likely blocked in most cases, due to the security risk.

    It looks like the recommended approach might be to use a custom application (middleman) developed to be called from the Intranet, then pass to the installed application:

    We would probably not be able to develop this type of application on the short-term, but our scripting should be able to integrate with it if you were to create one. You will probably want to use a Portable Install, so that the current Windows User does not control which settings (in their %AppData%) are used.
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