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As a binary file, we would need to run an external conversion to open it as plain text. We have other, similar formats for binary files for download here, but not plist:

If you are familiar with any command line utility that can take a plist input and output the xml you wish to compare, we can incorporate its use. We have an example of that here:
Hey guys, to finish this thread here's a helpful conversion to XML using the built-in plutil tool on Mac.

General - Mask:

"Compare PLIST files"

Conversion - Loading:
plutil -convert xml1 %s -o %t
Disable Editing: leave unchecked
Saving: leave this blank - We can leave PLIST in XML format, it's the best common denominator.
Encoding: UTF-8
Misc - Tab stop: 4

The rest are default.

I tried JSON format, however many tools do not recognize JSON encoded PLIST files so conversion to JSON is a 1-way street. However all tools recognize and load XML format inside a .PLIST document, so it's best to convert, compare, and save any changes as XML.

Hope this is helpful for many other Xcode developers out there!

- Aaron
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