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    Unfortunately, I cannot share exact server details. If sending you an BC export or server details is the only possible way to assist me than this thread can be considered closed. Sorry about that!

    Am I the only one that reported a ftp server that BC4 cannot connect to? If I am, than maybe I'm actually doing something wrong or the server itself has certain rare\unqiue settings that aren't supported.

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    The BC export wouldn't include passwords by default, it would just include the other configuration information to make sure everything is configured correctly. Comparing the BC log and Filezilla log would also be useful.

    This isn't a general BC4 error, but troubleshooting an FTP connection is tricky due to the large variety and configuration of various FTP servers. Directly connecting is very useful, but we can also continue to troubleshoot remotely with your help if you are interested.
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