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    Default Mapping Shortcut to Source Control Check Out doesn't work (P4V).


    I went into 'Tools -> Options -> Toolbars, etc.' and selected the Text Compare view from the drop-down. Scrolled down to Check Out and mapped it to a shortcut key (F9). When I press the newly mapped shortcut key (F9) in a Text Compare view it doesn't do anything and the file isn't checked out. If I right-click the file and select Explorer->Perforce->Check Out, it pops up a dialog saying: 'Operation complete. 1 file opened.' and the file is indeed in the default changelist.

    I'm using BC4 (latest, 4.0 build 18847) on Windows 7 x64.


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    Have you configured BC4 Pro's Tools menu -> Source Control Integration? This would need to be setup to have access to the Check Out command. The command itself is under the File menu when it is available; if it is not then the shortcut would not function.

    Our Source Control Integration relies on the SCC API, which different versions of source control may or may not support out of the box without configuration or patches. Our general KB article on the subject is here:

    I believe Perforce requires a plugin for the SCC API:

    Alternatively, we expose the Explorer menu as you've found to quick and easy access to any functions available on it.
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