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    Default BC should start after a certain time / BC should try again to find the directory path


    I want to start BC 3.3 to check a special workspace with command line after setting a vpn-connection.

    I can write the command line into the vpn-program (with task to start a special work space in BC)
    it works, but BC doesn't find the directories. there is a button to try again. And then it work's.
    but it should do it itself, because I am not there to press the button

    I see three ways to get it running by it self:

    1. I have to say to BC in any option: try again, if you can not find the directories, don't ask me

    is there any option to say that to BC ?

    2. I have to start BC after a certain time (1 minute), because if BC starts to quickly after vpn-connection, in this short time the device is still not mapped

    do you have ideas how to realize ? I am now crack with scripting. perhaps I only have to add something in command line and BC starts after 60 seconds ...

    3. If there is no simple way, I have to change all the comparisons in that way, that I give the path with IP and directory and not with drive letters (I can live with that, but perhaps I can learn more here.)

    I hope for your answers, if you are a german user, you can answer in german. But I also can (try to) translate english answers.

    Thank you


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    If we hit an error to fail to load the base folder, these is no scripted method to try again. If switching the path to \\computername\folder works over a driver letter, I would recommend that method. If not, you could have two scripts: a start up script designed to try and connect and fail using just the load command, then immediately call the next script which would load and work. I think this would be more difficult to manage in the long run compared to paths that work the first load; IP address might change, but does using the \\computername\ work?
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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    hello Aaron,
    thanks for your reply,
    \\computername\ doesn't work with my VPN, but no matter,
    it works very well with IP, the IP of my PC is fix, this is an easy way

    all the best


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