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    Default Tortoise Git 2 way merge?

    Can I configure Tortoise GIT to edit conflicts in 2 way mode?

    I tried 3 way I it seemed to me hard to use.
    The reason is: the output is not shown side by side with mine theirs base.
    More then 2 files shown side by side is already hard to follow. I would need to easily hide base when i need to work with 2 pane.

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    You can visually hide the center pane of the Text Merge session with the View menu -> Center Pane. This allows you to still use the common ancestor, which *greatly* helps reduce Conflicts, but you wouldn't need to view it on screen. The option is also in the toolbar, to allow you to quickly show or hide it, on if you'd like to review it.

    It is important that the center pane is the common ancestor, as described in our configuration. Otherwise, the view would be difficult to read.
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