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    Thanks for following up. I got the opportunity to try out the workaround you propose and it works quite nicely.

    A few other comments:

    1) I didn't find any "Misc" tab in the Folder Compare's Session Settings dialog in 4.0 (build 18746). I have "Specs", "Comparison", "Handling", "Name Filters", and "Other Filters". None seem relevant to this setting.

    2) One nice feature of some of the purpose-built tools I use is having a quick image difference report on the status bar (reporting number of pixels different and maximum difference in R/G/B/A). Having the maximum difference at your fingertips is useful for quickly identifying "LSB" differences, where a minor change in computation could produce an R value of 123 instead of 124. This is the same sort of thing that BC's "tolerance mode" has picked out.

    3) The "tolerance" display mode seems to be somewhat broken in the current build. When I bring up two images that are clearly different, the status bar shows "= Same" even though the images are obviously different and the difference window shows differences clearly. This happens with or without ImageMagick conversions enabled, and no matter what the tolerance is. The other display modes properly say "Important Differences".

    4) I can't quite wrap my head around what the image in the tolerance mode is actually supposed to be doing. By default, it seems to put up shades of blue and red for differences below and above the tolerances, with brighter colors, which is nice. "No differences" seems to be colored gray (also fine).

    The thing I find somewhat distracting in this mode is that all colors seems to be shaded based on the colors of the pixel in the original images. If I compare two identical images with white text on a black background, the difference image is gray for the background part and white for the text part. However, I also compared identical images with a multi-colored triangle on a green background (like the image I emailed you), and that shows up with a fully gray background with no color highlights. I'm not sure what to make of that.

    I'm not sure I'd use the tolerance mode even if it behaved more like I was expecting; I'll probably use "Mismatch Range Mode" most of the time.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    1) The Misc tab assumes you are using Pro edition. Unfortunately, you wouldn't have access to this tab with Standard mode.

    2) Thanks for the suggestion. Additional columns and exposed information in the Folder Compare is something on our wishlist. I'll add this example case to our notes on the subject.

    3) Could we get a screenshot of this? My guess is that the tolerance is set to a high enough value that all changes are considered Unimportant and that "Ignore Unimportant" differences is enabled in the toolbar?

    4) Tolerance mode has a tolerances value applied to 'how different' can the pixel be. If it is within the value, it is a blue/unimportant difference. If it is outside the range, it is a red Important difference. Greyscale is used to represent the equal pixels. The blue pixels can be hidden using Ignore Unimportant Differences. If the picture is only Unimportant, then toggling this on will treat the picture as if it were equal in the Folder Compare (which also has the Ignore Unimportant Differences toggle in the toolbar). Does this help explain our current behavior? If you are still having any trouble, or seeing something different, please include that screenshot from #3. You can email us at with a link back to this forum thread (for our reference) for private communication.
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    I'll email you repro cases for the issues I describe (3) and (4).

    Regarding (3), it doesn't have anything to do with unimportant differences. I have them disabled, and I still get this result with a tolerance of zero.

    Regarding (4), the primary issue I have with the feature is that I find the greyscale for "equal pixels" kind of distracting. "Equal" looks to be displayed as ~50% grey in dark portions of the image and approximately white in brighter portions. I guess what I would really want out of "tolerance" mode would be:

    - Black or some constant color (50% grey is fine) for equal pixels, without different shades based on original image brightness.

    - Red/blue for non-equal pixels above and below the tolerance. Different shades are fine, though shading based on the delta rather than the original pixel color would be best.

    I do realize the mode I'm describing is very similar to "Mismatch Range Mode", other than the presence/absence of the threshold. :-)

    The behavior of the coloring of the gray "equal" pixels seems to depend on whether the ImageMagick conversion filter is enabled.

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