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    Default BC Beta v4.0.0.18509 released - July 11, 2014.

    Download available from the beta page.

    Notable changes since version
    • Added option to align filenames with different extensions in folder compare.
    • Folder compare now displays an hourglass on the file that's being compared in the background as well as any parent folders.
    • Renaming/moving remote profiles updates paths in saved sessions.
    • OS X: Toolbar will now wrap to multiple rows if needed and any rows after the first will show buttons without captions to save space.
    • Windows: Removed support for Paint Shop Pro .psp files due to poor compatibility.
    • Linux: Many various bug fixes (see full log for details).
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    Thank you for the hourglass! I missed that feature.

    The wrapping toolbar on Mac is great too.


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