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    Default Save button contrast between "has changes" and "no changes" not high enough

    It is sometimes not so obvious to see on BC4 mac whether a file you have open has changes needing to be saved or not - it was much more obvious with the icons on BC3

    Here's a screenshot showing Mac BC4 running alongside Linux BC3 (Running via Quartz) - the floppy disc save icon is much more prominently different in BC3 for files needing changes to be saved than it is in BC4 - where the purple colour and the grey are almost exactly the same intensity.

    It would be nice if the purple icon could be changed to make the difference more prominent - it just needs a bit of a colour shift or change of intensity that's all!

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    Thanks for the feedback and great screenshot. We have an open tracker entry on this subject and we're looking at different theme options, and your screenshot really helps demonstrate the contrast.
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