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    Default Need different BC instance for Clearcase merge


    This is a bug!

    I'm using BC4 pro clearcase and noticed that the user can hang the merge process by doing a diff between merges.

    Heres the steps

    1) merge one view to another view
    2) in the case where several files are found, select all files, right click and select merge.
    3) the select "merge elements graphically"
    4) clearcase calls BC merge and you DONT close the merge and save results
    5) now do a diff with some other files, but don't close the diff. Now you have a merge tab, and diff tabs.
    6) go back to the file you were merging and close its tab and selecting yes to save the merge result.
    7) now go to clearcase, it appears to be hung waiting to do the next merge.
    8) go back to BC and close the diffs you did.
    9) now clearcase starts the next merge automatically like it should.

    It seems that BC isn't releasing a flag to clearcase to say its ready for the next merge. Somehow the diffs done after the merge are holding onto this flag.

    Last edited by epatton; 23-May-2014 at 02:23 PM. Reason: Wanted to mention that this is a 3 way merge bug.

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    Thanks for the two Clearcase reports. If you could use Process Explorer to capture the command line passed to BCompare (initially and any in between), that might help us track this down.

    If you'd like to email us this info privately, contact us at with a link back to this forum post for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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