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    Default `svn diff -r X:Y` gives `file not found` error in bcomp 4

    Hi guys,

    I've installed command line tools and followed the generic instructions for Linuc integration. bcomp is my default diff and merge tool, and all standard diff and merge (and svn diff and merge) work fine. However when I attempt to diff 2 specific revisions, things go awry.

    When I enter

    `svn diff -r X:Y`

    Beyond Compare will know which files were modified and have the correct revisions in the title field of each side, but complains about `file not found` for each of the temp files (/var/folders(/w+)+).

    Anybody else ever have this issue?

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    How exactly did you configure BC4 for Git for Linux? Did you use the "For older versions" text section and used "bc4" instead of "bc3"? Or did you use the newer section, which relies on the specific "bc3" text is used (even if it is bc4)?
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