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    Default Daylight savings time results in "file changed on disk" messages

    When daylight savings time changes, that makes the displayed (local) timestamps of every file change. It does not, however, change the underlying UTC-based last-write timestamps (on NTFS partitions).

    It would be nice if BC's "file on disk changed" recognizer used the UTC timestamp rather than the displayed/local timestamp, so it didn't report all open files as having changed twice a year.

    I saw this problem in Notepad++ (all my open files were reported as having been changed, tho none had been) as well -- so you're not alone. But you could fix this, I think.

    (It might be that Windows reports these as changes if you're using the "file system change notification" mechanism. But you could ignore them when both UTC timestamp and size are unchanged.)

    Thanks for listening.

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    Daylight savings can be a bit frustrating, but we try to help provide the tools to compare around or fix it.

    This behavior can depend a bit on the OS or file system (Fat, NTFS, HFS+), and since BC might be loading and comparing between different Network shares of different OS (including Mac and Linux), we have to work with what the time is reported as.

    We do have some options to help with the comparison, and a KB article here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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