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    Question "Compare Contents" fails to work? - Version 4.0 beta (build 17451), Windows

    In BC3, when I have 2 directory trees with files that have identical content but different time-stamps, I can do this:

    1. Expand the trees
    2. Press Ctrl-A to select all
    3. Select "Compare Contents" to compare all files

    Then BC3 will mark the files as "identical" (black), or another colour when they do differ.

    When doing the same in BC4, step 3. fails: the files keep red, but I know they are the same.

    When I double click on a file, the file comparison will tell they are the same, and when I then press Esc, the tree will update to be black.

    This is with Version 4.0 beta (build 17451) - Windows

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    After you run the Compare Contents command, which icon is placed in the center column? Is it a red or black icon, and does it have a preceeding "0110" small text icon in front?

    Double clicking or running a Rules-based Content Compare scan should have the same results displayed. If you are running a Binary Scan in BC4, however, this can potentially return different even if the text appears to be the same due to how it will scan the entire file's binary information.
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