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    Default Subversion profile failing on Mac

    I've set up a Subversion profile to access our internal svn server. It works okay to get the top-level directory and certain subdirectories, but it fails on others. Depending on the directory I'm trying to open BC4 either hangs or gives me an "Invalid XML Response" message in the log window.

    The entry in BCProfiles.xml is:

    <TSVNProfile Value="man-o-war">
        <Revision Value="HEAD"/>
        <URL Value="svn+ssh://"/>
    Using 'ps' I see that BC4 is spawning the command:

    /Applications/ --non-interactive list --xml svn+ssh:// --no-auth-cache
    I've run the command by hand. The XML is well-formed, though somewhat long. BC4 is hanging on the 'tags' directory, which has 675 entries and yields 97968 bytes of XML. BC4 is merely giving "Invalid XML" on the 'branches' directory, which has 161 entries and 25694 bytes of XML. Smaller directories are okay. For example, the 'trunk' directory has only 4 entries (741 bytes) and expands properly.

    • Mavericks with all OS updates installed.
    • BC4 build 17451
    • svn, version 1.7.10 (r1485443) compiled Aug 13 2013, 15:31:22

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    Can you email a copy of the XML that BC is having trouble with to
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software

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