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    Default "Unimportant Text" enhancements

    Session defined "Unimportant Text" feature looks great but it may be nice to have some features related to it easier to get.

    1. Maybe something along these lines:
    - select text in compare mode
    - right click and get an item called "Define grammar"
    - show Format's "Grammar Item" window with preselected text

    2. There could be also:
    - right click on selected text
    - show menu with item called "Define Importance"
    - show Session settings window with "Importance" tab opened

    An awesome idea would also be to implement regular expression builder for preselected text from idea #1.

    Something similar to but simpler.

    Or maybe (lot easier to do): just remember all previous expressions and present "Text matching" as editable dropdown list.

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    Thanks for the feedback. We don't currently support marking a text selection as Unimportant. The closest would be to copy/paste into the Session Settings, Importance tab to add it as an unimportant element or as a new grammar element.
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