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    Default How to go to "home page" from the menu or a keyboard shortcut?

    Since drag&drop over an existing folder comparison will change that session, and explorer integration still uses BC3, I need to drag/drop a new pair of folders to the home screen so it creates a fresh folder comparison session.

    So I need to go to the home screen fast (by keyboard or menu: I'm a keyboard guy because of RSI).

    How can I get to the "home screen" by keyboard and by the main menu?

    (there is a toolbar button, but I could not find it in the menu, I probably overlooked it).

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    Have you logged out/in or rebooted since you installed BC4? The Explorer integration will use whichever one of BC3 or BC4 was installed most recently, but you need to kick Explorer to make it see the change.

    The "Home" command isn't in the menus right now, but you can trigger it from the keyboard using Alt+Home (Windows/Linux) or Cmd+Shift+Home (OS X).
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    Please see if the Features request and a possible solution at the following thread helps you:

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