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    I'm new in this Forum.
    I am a Softwar edevoloper and i often have to compare binary Files.
    So now i have to Binarys which are similar. When i Compare those Files i always get whitespaces. I do not want these white spaces. I just want Beyond Compare to Show differences withous Formating the Files.
    I Uploaded also a Screenshot, but i do not know how to insert it here. Maybe you can see it anyhow. It is calles binary.jpg.

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    Thanks for the screenshot.

    In the Session menu -> Session Settings (or the Rules button on the toolbar), switch the Alignment to "None" to just place the information side by side, without any attempt to match similar sections together.

    Session settings generally apply for "Use for this view only", but this dropdown in the Session Settings dialog can be set to "Also update session defaults" if you want all future Hex Compare sessions to work similarly.
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