Hi everyone,

I work for a governmental agency which develops Java software and who has spent considerable time, effort and money into finding a solution to our current dilemna. I post here as a last resort to see if there is anything we might have overlooked in terms of workarounds.

I will elaborate the facts first, so here is our current work environment:

- Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit with all windows updates.
- IBM Rational Clearcase with Dynamic views.
- Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.4013
- Beyond Compare 3.3.8 build 16340 Standard Edition (fully integrated as the compare tool for clearcase diff merges and comparison)

Here is the problem :

We often do file comparison on dynamic views, either for 2 distinct files
or for its previous version from CC. Whenever we attempt to save either file on the dynamic view from the compare, we get a BSOD.

As an example, lets say I check out the file Readme.txt and I beyond Compare it to a 2nd file named Readme2.txt (which is a view-private) which has differences with the first one, make changes to either one then save it, it will BSOD.

When we reboot, the dynamic view will have two extra files, something similar to : D34564.TMP (which contains the contents of the left file from beyond compare) and a 2nd one named similar to Readme2~D67428247.tmp which is completely empty.

We CANNOT change our use of either Clearcase or Symantec, as these are imposed to us. Our usage of Beyond Compare is for work efficiency as none of the other alternatives satisfies our needs, and we did spend some time investigating.

We are aware of the currently opened ticket with IBM, which can viewed here : http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docvie...id=swg21638422

Both Symantec and IBM companies are pointing fingers at each other, but no concrete solution has been brought up yet. This issue does not seem to only affect Beyond Compare, but in our case, we could only identify the current issue we are facing.

We do not wish to move away from Beyond Compare, but it may be the only option until a fix is brought up.

Does anyone have any ideas of a possible workaround ?

Programmer Analyst