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    Lightbulb Folder Compare to make sure all files are copied, but NOT rehydrate offline files!


    I'm migrating from a system that supports file tiering. The Tier1 NAS hosts current/recently accessed files. After some time, the Tier2 NAS will archive files and leave a stub file on the Tier1 NAS host. If/when a user needs to access an older file, Tier1 will call upon Tier2 and retrieve the file.

    I've already migrated the Tier2 data a certain way without calling the Tier2 files up to Tier 1, and all the stub files are still in place.

    I've migrated the Tier1 data, so now on the destination, Tier1 and Tier2 data exists in the proper folder/path.

    My question is how can Beyond Compare check to see if the files are migrated, without calling up the Tier2 files? Are there certain checks that I cannot perform (CRC, binary check, etc)? The Tier1 system doesn't have the space to support it and it'd take FOREVER


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    We do not currently support filtering based on 'Offline' status. Can you access the NAS devices as if they were a local machine, or are they completely independent NAS and must be accessed over the network? If you can connect locally and generate a Snapshot with CRC codes, you could compare then move the Snapshot files around and compare without network traffic. Something similar to this:
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