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    I agree with the request. I have over 100 fields in my file, and I need to do more than one type of comparison (i.e set up separate sessions, I think). Changing columns to/from "unimportant" one at a time will be tedious.

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    Thanks for the feedback. We do not currently support editing multiple columns at once, but it is something we would like to tackle. In the meantime, you can use the Remove command in the Session Settings dialog as a workaround.
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    Not sure if this is the same thing as what you require but I've been setting my unimportant columns by performing the following steps:

    1) Click the Rules button (ie. the referee)
    2) Select the relevant column
    3) Click the Edit button (F2)
    4) Unselect "Use default" (this will make the "unimportant" tickbox available.)
    5) Tick "unimportant".
    6) Click OK.

    Repeat Steps 1-6 for all the other columns.

    I know this isn't exactly setting them in bulk but it is a useful compromise in the sense that the comparison output won't need to refresh every single time after specifying an unimportant column.

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