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    Default compare ZIP files


    how can I compare two ZIP files? Whatever I do short of manually renaming the files, the context menu in Windows Explorer only shows "Compare" (not "Compare Using..."), and it always opens the ZIPs and tries to compare its contents.

    I need a binary compare of the ZIP files, not its contents.

    Any hints?


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    Zip files are treated as folders when opened from the shell extension. The only way to workaround this is to remove the .zip extension from the Archive Association, which will then treat zip files always as files in the main Folder Compare view as well.

    This is controlled in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Folder Views section, select Zips in the list and remove *.zip.

    If you can run the compare from within BC3's Folder Compare view, this can be controlled by the Session menu -> Session Settings, Handling tab, treat archives as Files. You can then binary scan them, or right click a selection of two files and choose Quick Compare (to run a Binary scan, controlled in the Tools menu -> Options, Startup, Quick Compare options to start up with a Binary Compare).

    Adding support to optionally compare zips as files from the shell extension is on our wishlist.
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