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    We haven't tested BC4 in a docker container. Beyond Compare for Linux still requires an X-Window session, so if your Docker container is headless and you don't have an X-Window client connected to it, Beyond Compare will not run.

    Usually if you're working on a Linux system without X-Window, it's best to just install Beyond Compare on a supported operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS), then access the system via FTP, SFTP, or Samba.
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    I must say I really agree to goopaga. BC is a great tool. I use it almost everyday at my work to compare files and sometimes also to make smaller modifications to textfiles. In the Synology case it would be great to have it as a package direct on the device, most for performance reasons. Comparing huge files (possibly identical) to find duplicates, where the files sits in the NAS would be very slow if running BC on a computer on the network. Transferring both files over a network (either mounted shares or ftp or whatever) for the comparison takes a long time for big files, much more efficient if it could execute on the device and accessing local files.

    BC contains a lot of useful features but maybe a subset of those could be ported to the Synology environment, that's probably enough for most of us.


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