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    Default Feature requests: pause during copy/move and saving selections

    When copying or moving a large amount of data it would be useful to be able to pause the process to free up system resources. E.g. if I opt to copy 10+ GB of data from a network drive to my HDD it can some times take hours, during which the machine is slowing down somewhat. If I could pause the copy process temporarily I can do other things that need machine "muscle", after which I should resume the copy/move process.

    A somewhat related thing would be if it was possible to save a selection and process it at a later time (not the same as saving a session, where your active selection or deselection of files is not restored). If this was possible it could in addition be nice to ask BC to process several saved selections in sequence or in parallel.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Enhancing transfer operations (adding Pause/Resume) is on our wishlist.
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    On a related note;

    I have no idea how difficult is from an engineering perspective, but..
    How about;
    "Use a Maximum CPU%"
    "Use Maximum Kb/s Bandwidth"

    Then you could possibly not have to actually "postpone" a task.


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