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    BC 4.0.0 allowed installs on unsupported OS's, but we found a bug where some OS's (like 2000) would then not allow an uninstall, and in 2000's case wouldn't boot. 4.0.1's installer now prevents installs to older OS's to prevent this from happening in the future.

    A Portable Install is a workaround, as it can be copied to your frozen machine and, if it needs to be uninstalled, you can delete the single-directory install. It isn't supported, but might work for you.
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    Not sure you required further verification but I have had the opportunity to test more closely to the original issue. In both cases I agree the "Invalid size or checksum of file" and various similar errors are addressed in the 4.1 Beta.

    1) Using the portable install method discussed above to run on the "frozen pre-SP2 XP" system, when the previous version fails to sync into a zip folder, BC4.1 Beta succeeds.

    2) Running v4.0.7, I've similarly been able to more readily create the failure on my main system (Win 7) where I previously saw this type of error only rarely. Running v4.1 Beta, the error does not occur.

    Great work and thanks for the support!


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