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    Default automerge always runs

    I have a source file on which I made a change on branch A.
    I need to copy the change to the same file on branch B, which is slightly different.
    I made the necessary changes, and now I want to review my code.

    I am running this command line:
    branchB/filename-after-change should be the result.
    When I run this command line, BC tries to merge the files and I lose the changes I've done. Can't it just open the files and let me decide which change to take at each line?



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    BC3 does not have a 4 way comparison. The Text Compare supports 2 parameters in a 2 way compare, and the Text Merge supports a 3-way merge (4 parameters as 3 inputs and 1 output).

    We have an article about a strategy to deploy changes like this here:

    To compare the results, you would need to perform it in pairs in the Text Compare. If using the 3-way Text Merge, the center pane should be a common Ancestor to the Left and Right inputs. The bottom pane is always the output file. As an output, it is a target and not part of the comparison. The contents of the file are not loaded, only used as a save target.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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